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Jiangying Navigation Electrical Factory

Jiangyin Navigation Electric Appliance Factory lies in the south of jiangyin, a scenic and historic and culturalcity. which stands next to shanghai in the east and close to the Yangtze River and xin-chang railway in the north.
The convenient transportation on land and water reveal a bright future for its development.

Titles of Honor Witness our Hardwork and Sweat
Fully implement the ISO9001 Nations quality system certification and ensure the"zero deficiency" ofthe product quality
Quality is a clear awareness, a firm will and the final result of manufacturing……
Quality is a language without any national boundaries
Quality is the ultimate goal of Hanghai to challenge forever……
The gold cups, the diplomas, in the retrospection of brilliant Hanghai, these also predict a shining
future of Hanghai. Arduousness, sweats, relentless pursuance and unremitting efforts
船用主配电板、船用驾控台 船用主配电板、船用驾控台
船用主配电板、船用驾控台 船用主配电板、船用驾控台
ADD:Changshou Town of jiangyin,jiangsu Province,China
Tel:0510-86361390 88460518 Fax:0510-86962900 E-mail:ccfeng2005@vip.sohu.com